Product Testimonials

"Here at Rennylea we strive to produce the best product at all times for our clients. Good quality working bulls need structural and breeding soundness.  Years of highly developed breeding programs deliver top quality animals year on year here at Rennylea, good nutrition allows them to reach their genetic potential. Sound feet and hooves are a key component to a good productive animal.  At Rennylea we acknowledge the importance of sound feet and hooves and have utilised All-Trace Bolus on all our bull stock for the past decade.  ALL-TRACE supports us in our efforts of achieving greater hoof integrity whilst also supplementing our animals trace element and vitamin needs on a daily basis.

Using ALL-TRACE Cattle boluses allows us to know that every bull we sell has the best potential of producing for our clients. All-Trace boluses provides us peace of mind that all our bulls leaving Rennylea are ready to work and perform to the best of their ability. At Rennylea Angus we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best to our clients, we are so confident in our animals that we provide a unique bull guarantee."

Peter & Sue Govan - Managers - Rennylea Angus Bull Unit, Culcairn NSW


Trevor and heifers“Since starting with ALL- TRACE  we have seen a considerable change in our cattle.  The herd is more content and they no longer mob us whilst feeding out in winter.

We chose ALL-TRACE for the peace of mind knowing all our animals were receiving their daily supplement without the concerns of bullying and shy feeders causing a significant percentage of the herd to miss out.

We no longer have to inject regularly for B12 or Selenium.  Our herd now receives a full supplement of Trace Elements and Vitamins, allowing me to focus on other things knowing ALL-TRACE is working for me every day.”

Trevor Janson


“I treat all my weaner heifers with ALL-TRACE before turning them out.  ALL-TRACE helps them greatly through the winter, which does a great job for me. With good yards and a crush application is easy.” 

Jim Tickle - Sugarloaf Angus, Dungog NSW


“We utilise ALL-TRACE primarily for sound feet and hoof integrity.  After some strong nutritional advice we moved to ALL-TRACE a number of years ago and have found the product really delivers.  One easy application of ALL-TRACE and all our animals are receiving their daily requirements for trace elements and vitamins along with the benefits of sound hooves.  Long term supplementation allows us to maximise our herds production potential without the limitations and complications trace element deficiencies can induce.  With no withholding period and organically registered, ALL-TRACE delivers every day.”

Rodney Hartin - Long Lanes Holsteins & Jerseys, Millaa Millaa QLD



“We use ALL-TRACE boluses in all our dairy heifers to meet their ongoing mineral and vitamin requirements. Our animals require trace element supplementation to achieve their potential, we notice any cattle that go untreated really struggle to keep up. We have found that short-term injectable products just didn’t last the distance, with one simple treatment of ALL-TRACE we know that an important job is done for the entire season."

Lauren & Simon Finger  - Warragul VIC


"Fertility is a key element to the ongoing profitability of our beef operation.  This year we ran a comparison trial across our breeders and recorded a 10% greater pregnancy rate in cows when using ALL-TRACE boluses compared to our usual vitamin ADE + Selenium/B12 pre-joining injections. I have always believed in the benefits of supplementary trace elements to boost cow fertility and productivity.  An additional 10% at calving makes ALL-TRACE boluses a well and truly worthwhile investment for my herd. A single pre-joining treatment gives me peace of mind knowing all the cows and heifers are receiving an adequate daily supply of vitamins and minerals throughout the critical stages of conception and pregnancy."

Jim Benton - Glen Innes NSW