Stock Handling

Magrath Stock Prod Warranty and Repair Service



Pacific Biologics will repair or replace any faulty part of your NEW Magrath power pack for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover the following items:

  • Casing breakage or any form of physical damage
  • Damage due to, or caused by, tampering with the power pack.
  • Postage or freight costs
  • Extension shafts

Repair Service

Pacific Biologics offers a repair service for damaged Magrath power packs after the initial 12-month warranty period. A repair charge will apply to Magrath stock prods that are repaired out of warranty.  All repairs will have a 6-month warranty from date of repair.

Please Note: Some stock prods may be beyond repair, no charges will be incurred if this is deemed the case.


Warranty Claim & Repair Service Procedure

Always run through the troubleshooting guide (below) first, and if this fails to fix the problem return your Magrath stock prod hand unit for service or repair.

For all warranty claims, service and repair work, return your Magrath power pack to the store where purchased and include:

  1. Your name and address, including a contact number
  2. Date of purchase and store where purchased
  3. DO NOT return batteries
  4. DO NOT return extension shafts


Pacific Biologics printable address


Troubleshooting Guide

Magrath Stock Prod instruction manual

Most problems with your Magrath stock prod may be due to low or dead batteries. Always check the batteries first when your Magrath Stock Prod does not work properly. The following guide will assist with problem solving.

1. No Spark
Remove and refit the extension shaft and re-test your Magrath Stock Prod. With the trigger depressed listen for buzzing sound. Touch the metal tips against a metal surface. A spark should occur, if there is no spark it may be due to:

  1. The batteries being low or dead. In this case, your Magrath Stock Prod does not make a buzzing sound when the trigger is depressed. Replace batteries with new ones: If Prod fails to work after installing new batteries, check [b] and [c].
  2. The connections between the battery cover and back clip are not making contact. A poor connection between the extension shaft and front washer may also prevent a spark from occurring. Clean and check connections and test your Magrath Stock Prod again with new batteries.
  3. Moisture due to unintended use or incorrect storage can cause corrosion on the contact points or copper strip. Allow your Stock Prod to dry out thoroughly, clean and retest.

If your Stock Prod still does not work after checking [a], [b] or [c] above; return to Pacific Biologics for service.

2. Intermittent or Poor Spark

  1. Test your Magrath Stock Prod as directed above in [a], [b], and [c]. If problem persists go to [e].
  2. Thoroughly clean and dry metal tips and the extension shaft. Metal tips can be cleaned with liquid metal cleaner. Never use an abrasive scourer as metal tip damage may occur. Repeat [b], if problem persists go to [f].
  3. Return to your retailer and check power pack with new shaft.

If the problem persists, return to Pacific Biologics


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